Emerged Corn Herbicide Options

Due to the wet conditions this spring, the corn that did get planted is currently at pre-emergent to 1-2 leaf stage. If you were planning on making a pre-emergent application on emerged corn need please pay careful attention to their herbicide program so that you don’t risk crop injury and possible yield loss.*
So what are some of my options?
1. There’s still time to protect against yield loss from early weed competition. Going in pre to early post is the best choice to keep your fields clean during the critical weed free period.
2. Time is running short – choose a one-pass treatment that will take you through the season so you can avoid making a second application. One-pass and DONE.
3. Don’t spray glyphosate alone. Utilize a residual product(s) with your glyphosate to maximize your weed control, to reduce the need for a second application and help manage resistance on your farm.

For pre-emergent up to the 2 leaf stage of corn:
1) Stick to a pre-emergent application of Callisto® plus Primextra® II Magnum®. Or, if grassy weeds are getting beyond the 2-leaf stage in your glyphosate-tolerant corn, add in Touchdown Total®.

Beyond the 2-leaf stage up to 6-leaf corn (glyphosate tolerant corn):
If the corn crop has reached the 2-leaf stage, then switch to Halex® GT. Alternately, you could choose a tank-mix of Callisto + Primextra II Magnum + Touchdown Total for a one-pass contact and residual treatment.
*Refer to the label for a complete list of weeds, registered rates and timings. Please consult with your input supplier or local Syngenta representative for more information.


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