2011 planting date emergence comparison

By Caitlin Harvey, Syngenta Summer Intern

The following comparison pictures were taken in plots in the Sunderland area.

Corn planted on April 19th (pictures as of May 18th) 

As of May 18th: 2-3 leaves and good root system

– 197 CHU’s accumulated from Apr 24-May 18

– Sprout was about ¼ inch long May 2nd (2 weeks after planting)

– Emergence appears to be uniform and even, young plants look healthy, reasonably good colour 

Corn planted on May 10th(pictures as of May 17th)

 As of May 17th: sprout about 1/4 inch long (1 week after planting)

– 115 CHU’s accumulated May 10 (planting date) – May 18th

– There was 82 CHU’s difference between the two planting dates

– For comparison it typically takes 75 CHU’s for each new leaf on an emerged corn plant

LATER PLANTED CORN is typically planted into warmer soils and therefore faster emerging.  Visually the late planted will catch with earlier planted but the early planted may have been planted into better soil conditions and typically has a larger root system.  Even if you are planting late make sure the seed bed is fit to plant.


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