Agrisure Viptera Experience

I had a chance to sit down with Grant Ozipko, Agrisure Trait Marketing Manager to discuss the results of Agrisure Viptera in the US and the new traits from Syngenta Seeds. Youtube link
A number of US growers had a chance to grow and see Agrisure Viptera 3111 in 2010 through Agrisure Experience Program. This gave them firsthand experience with the control of Agrisure Viptera on pests such as corn earworm, western bean cutworm and black cutworm on their farm. They were so impressed many of them came back this year and purchased hybrids with Agrisure Viptera trait for the 2011 growing season.
Why should I grow Agrisure Viptera? Peace of mind that you have a product that provides more control of more insects than any other product on the market. What can we expect for control and yield results? Syngenta testing has shown Agrisure Viptera had a yield advantage of over nine bushel per acre across all trials in 2010 when compared to smartstax products.

Agrisure Viptera will be the foundation of refuge reduction products from Syngenta. For Canada registration is expected for a refuge reduction product in 2012. It will be called Agrisure 3220 which gives two modes of action against broad lepidopteran insects and two modes of action against corn borer. It is this product that will allow reduced refuge and ultimately a refuge-in-a-bag product (when approved).

What is in the Agrisure pipeline? The pipeline has a full line of refuge reduction trait stacks including that can be used in rootworm areas. Agrisure Artesian is Syngenta water optimization platform that uses multiple traits to provide hybrids a chance to manage drought throughout the season.

Thanks Grant for your time.

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