Multi-Pest Complex Control – Agrisure Viptera 3111

Over the past couple of months we have shown multi-pest field tours for western bean cutworm and fall armyworm. At Syngenta we inoculated western bean cutworm on an Agrisure Viptera 3111 hybrid and a non-Agrisure Viptera 3111 hybird in 2010. Here is the field tour of the plot by Nick Cowan, Techinical Product Specialist and what we saw.


Fields of Distinction, Middlesex-Oxford

Real Field Facts from Eric Ricther, Territory Manager, Middlesex-Oxford.

Soybean harvest is well underway, but has been abit of a struggle to get several days back to back since last Friday. Yields on the west side of Middlesex are running 45-55, touching 60 bu/acre. In Oxford county, yields are basically starting at 55-60 Bu/acre and up from there. Robert Moloney harvested a soybean plot yesterday with NK beans #1 an #2 out of five entries. S05T6 out yielded Colby’s by +6 bu/acre. NK soybeans are definitely class #1 for yield and profitability.
Corn harvest has started on the west side of Middlesex with moisture in the low 20’s and yield in the 180-200 bu/acre range. Lots of corn fields showing feeding from Western Bean Cutworm – talk to your dealers about the benefits of Agrisure Viptera corn hybrids from NK Brand for spring 2011.

NK Brand Fields of Distinction – “Seeing is Believing”

Check out the corner of Oxford 31st concession and Oxford line #88 (southeast field). Field of CORN N29T series that is sure to help Oxford county set a county record this season. Lots of ears with 600+ kernels at 30,000 plants/acre – take a minute to conduct a yield check on this one if you are close by.

Thank goodness there is a stop light at the corner of Petty and Lobo line in Middlesex county. Without it, there would likely be an accident before these S20-G7 soybeans are harvested. A picture perfect field of NK Brand specialty I.P. soybeans – definitely going to gross more than most fields of edible beans.

On Highway #81 heading north after crossing the Ausable towards Parkhill, another field of S20-G7 on the east side that are worth a look. Grower had 52 bu/acre last year and looking to notch that up again this year. Giving consistent yields year after year.

S25-A5 on some tough ground, South side of Elm tree , 1 mile west of Highway #81. Grower was thinking of giving up on soybeans in his rotation because yields were on a significant downtrend. Nice to have the chance to work with a customer and help turn his yield curve around. Great field of NK Brand RR soybeans – will be a perfect fit for S25-W5 Genuity RR2 yield for 2011.

S08-C3 breaking whole farm records in Oxford county – not shabby for 2750 CHU, zone 0 maturity soybean. 65+ bu/acre should help generate some tidy profits for NK Brand customers.

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