Did you maximize your soybean yield?

Now is the perfect time to scout your soybean fields to see if we planted a long enough maturing soybean. To break new yield plateau we have moved to earlier planting with seed treatment and early season pest control (weed, disease and insect) to increase yields but have we planted longer maturing soybeans? If you are not planning on growing wheat after your soybeans in order to maximize yield you need to use all of the growing season available. To do this we need to plant early and plant a later maturing soybean (0.5 to 0.8 RM (100 – 200 CHU)) than you would normally. This can add significant yield, 3 – 5 bu/ac. Just by looking at the graphs in the Ontario Soybean performance testing (www.gosoy.ca) you can see that as you extend maturity the yield goes up.
So why scout now? Generally, the soybeans should still be flowering in the top section of the plant in mid August to maximize the growing season. If they are done flowering in early August you lost yield (or are planning on planting wheat) if they still are flowering on the top of the plant you are still making putting bushels in the bin. Check your field. Did you plant the correct soybean maturity this year?


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