Early season Corn Rootworm root ratings

Agrisure 3000GT is providing excellent rootworm control again in 2010. In supporting trait stewardship NK Seeds Canada does root digs to assess corn rootworm feeding on non-RW and RW products that are genetically similar. This is done to monitor resistance in corn rootworm to the Agrisure RW trait. By planting a Agrisure GT/CB/LL hybrid and a Agrisure 3000GT into a field of second year corn and without insecticide we assess rootworm feeding on the roots using the Iowa State University root rating scale (Iowa Root Rating Scale).
2010 root dig results revealed that the non-RW had an average rating of over 2.0 (which is more than 2 nodes of roots destroyed by rootworm) and the Agrisure 3000GT had an average rating less than 0.8 . this shows that resistance has not developed and the Agrisure RW trait is still very effective tool in Corn Rootworm management.


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