Contributed by Robert Moloney, NK Brand Seeds

It looks like some soybean fields aren’t liking this heat any better than the rest of us.  There is a much higher level of sun scald showing up in soybean fields right now than we would normally see.  This is likely due to the somewhat overcast conditions we’ve had in June followed by the intense heat/bright sun that we are now getting.

Sun scald is usually pretty easy to diagnose.  You will see it on the top trifoliates of the plant, and often where a leaflet has flipped over.  It gives the leaf a brownish, rusty look to it and usually there will be a distinct line between the exposed surface and the under surface that’s not injured (see picture below).  This makes it easy to differentiate from disease which will be more scattered over the whole leaf (and usually over more of the plant).  While it may look ugly in the field, there is not likely to be a yield impact from it.

Current conditions mean we may see ozone damage (similar to sun scald but more of a bronzing) and the conditions are ideal for spider-mites to explode.


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