Magnesium Deficiency Showing up in Corn

On many sand fields in West Elgin or East Kent, sharp magnesium deficiencies have shown up in 3-4 leaf corn. Yellow interveinal striping can be quite pronounced. Areas with high calcium numbers and lower organic matter seem to be the worst. Sandy fields with with preplant nitrogen also seem to be showing sharper symptoms. The good news is that the corn will grow out of the symptoms as roots penetrate deeper in the soil and gain access to more magnesium. By the 5-7 leaf stage, the symptoms should be gone.

Magnesium Deficiency


One Response

  1. Bad news,

    Even if the corn can access some magnessium in deeper horizons, a sharp magnessium deficiency will have an impact on potential yields. So be aware to correct those levels and your potential yield will not be affected… and sadly reduced

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