Hot Days and Warm Nights

Contributed by Clare Kinlin, Regional Manager, Eastern Ontario

Wow!!! What a spring! Ideal planting conditions, adequate soil moisture with warmer temperatures in the forecast has made this season one to remember. The crop is developing nicely considering the frost and cooler temperatures last week. Lack of soil moisture for soybean planting is starting to be a concern in some areas that have missed a few of the showers lately. .
Soybeans need to be planted into moisture (no deeper than 2.5 inches); Rolling or packing behind will help maintain soil moisture but will not create soil moisture. We only want to plant the field once, it is important to get it right the first time. Picture inserted is April 30th planted soybeans in Eastern Ontario
The corn picture is from a field of corn that was not emerged went the frost occurred, as you can see the first emerged leaf (Plumule) is still intact. However many fields that was emerged before the frost often the plumule and possible the second emerging leaf are destroyed and missing. Although this corn looks UGLY with twisted leaves and struggling due to the stress of the frost there will be little to no impact on yields. Ear size (yield) is not determined to much later in the season. Now is the time to check your stand for emergence.


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