Frost update – Goderich

Sent in by Bruce Irons, Regional Manager, Western Ontario

N45A-3000GT planted April 21st, Goderich. Growing point looks white and OK, minimal damage expected.


4 Responses

  1. i have NK23F -GT/CB/LL planted also on April 21..i am north of Sebringville in Ivan Roobroeck territoriy..corn was off to such a great start..anyway just wondering how long it will take to grow out of this frost stunted phase?? i realise we need 20 degree celcius weather or warm rains to see any regrowth..

    • better weather for growth would help. I have in the past marked a couple of plants with tile flags or plot stakes on just cut a couple of corn plants off about 1/2 inch above the soil surface (if above 4 leaf raise cutting hieght to 1 – 2 inches). Then come back in 3 – 5 days if the corn in alive it should be pushing new growth up out of the center of the seedling.

    • Any frosted corn I have looked at since May 9th has now prettty much recovered. This includes corn planted April 16th which was frosted to the extent that the leaves turned black right to ground level.

  2. My south lambton farms look similar, only without all the stones!

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