Two new Special Food Grade Soybeans for 2011

Contributed by Bruce Irons, Regional Manager, Western Ontario

Two new and exciting Non-GMO soybean varieties have been bred and registered by Syngenta Seeds Canada Inc for commercial release in 2011.

S07-D2 is a 2700Hu, yellow hilum variety with high protein levels and strong agronomic qualities. The variety has a yield index of 100% and would be a suitable companion to S05-T6 and S10-B7, with higher protein levels.

The variety S09-L6 is slightly longer in terms of maturity and it’s most striking characteristic is the very high protein levels that we have seen on a consistent basis. Protein levels in excess of 47% are not uncommon in this yellow Hilum variety. The yield index is not as high as the S07-D2 but the superior protein levels are attracting a lot of interest from local exporters and buyers in the East. We look forward to introducing them to farms in 2011.


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