Corn Population Management

We are often asked what the best planting rate for my corn is. Syngenta Agronomy Research has studied this since 1992 over a wide range of hybrids, maturities and yield environments. The goal of this study has been to help farmers understand how yield environment, grain prices, seed costs and hybrid population response influence planting rate recommendations.
Population Response Factors
Yield environment – Optimum planting rate increases as the overall field yield potential increases. Yield response from changing seeding rates is more visible in higher yield environments.
Hybrid response – Hybrids differ considerably in ability to increase yield at higher or lower than optimum populations. Syngenta Agronomy Research provides population response scores for most key hybrids (Ask your dealer for the most current Hybrid Planting Population Adjustment Chart).
Economic factors – Optimum planting rates for maximizing returns (calculated as commodity price times yield less seed cost) are always lower than optimum planting rates for highest yield. Optimum economic planting rate increases as commodity price increases, although seed cost influences seeding rates much less. (The chart below compares several planting rates and commodity prices.)

For all the details contact your NK dealer or reply here.


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