Soybean Seed Quality 2010

We have been receiving quality from our bin samples on our soybean seed for the past few days and in general things look pretty good despite a very tough fall harvest.  Seed coat integrity is excellent this year, bleach score numbers have been very good.  A bleach test is a test NK uses to gauge seed coat integrity.  Very little mechanical damage has been noted as well, mainly due to the good moistures at harvest.  This year the seed is in 14.5%  range instead of the 8 and 9% beans like last year.  This makes conditioning much easier on the seed with less damage.

There are some disease issues out there again this year though.  Seed phomopsis is back again, not to the levels it was last year but it is here.  

In an early (vegetative stages) infection situations Phomopsis seed mould is characterized by fine cracks that usually develop near the hilum of the infected seed.   A white or grey mould is sometimes visible on the seed surface. The yield, SAR (seed appearance rating), and germ of the seed is reduced.   This year again we seem to have a late infection again (late reproductive stage) where the appearance of the seed is not affected but the spores are on the seed coat.  Once the seed germs the fungi moves to the seedling and kills it very quickly.  Hence low germ numbers are noted.  Treatment with Apron Max or Cruiser Max cures the disease and increases the germ % substantially in some cases 25% to 30%.  If you are planting certified seed than low germs are not a concern.  If you are growing certified #1 the seed has a minimum germ of 85%, 90% with NK seed as our standard is higher than minimums required by law.  However trials with Cruiser Max have shown increase yields and quality on crops grown with Cruiser Treated seed.

We do not seem to pay as much attention to the benefits of Cruiser Max on seed and soil bourne diseases but as a “operations person” I see the benefit it has on seed germ and vigour. As an agronomist I see it in the field in increased stands and harvest bushels.  It must be noted along with the soil bourne insects , soil bourne diseases are always present and a producer can really benefit from the  protection we get from Cruiser MAX both in quality of grain and increased yield.   Certified seed is an investment why not protect that investment as much as possible and really there is no better start than the first one.


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  1. great fact sheet out of Ohio on phomopsis.

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