Mould in Corn

Ear rotEar rot
Contributed from Wayne Wheeler – Howson and Howson, Blyth Ontario

Today I was out in corn fields that were frozen back in September. I was amazed by the amount of mold that was present on the corn. See pictures below. We have taken samples and have sent them away to the lab for testing for levels of mycotoxins. The fields that were froze later, some mold is present at low levels but I believe it will only be a matter of time before these fields also become worse.

We are currently receiving corn it is approximately 35% moisture and is grade 4 or 5 due to low test weight. It appears that most of the corn in the area if not the province is similar moisture and quality. Because of the high moisture the dryer is only running at half capacity. If you have dryer bins. Start now it will be a slow process. This time of year corn usually dries down only 0.25% per day so over the course of a week it might dry down 2%.

If you have not had a look at your corn fields please do so.

Please see info attached on mycotoxins.

If have any questions give us a call or your local crop insurance a agent



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