Frost in Corn and Soybeans – Harvest concerns

Many reports of frost damage in corn and soybeans with last weekend’s cold temperatures. Two nights of minus 2 degrees Celsius with damage down to the ear leaf in many corn fields. All is not lost. We will have harvest options but be aware that this stress will cause issues with dry down, test weight, and stalk rots (due to the higher than expected stress on the plant to finish). Here are some links to help get the crop harvested this fall.


Soybeans and Grain Corn.

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  1. Any thoughts on the effect of this frost to soybean quality??

    • Yield reductions from late season frost injury are smaller as the crop matures. Frost during the R5 stage reduces yield by 50%-70%. Frost at the R6 stage will cause losses of 20%-30%. Once the crop reaches the R7 stage only a 5% yield loss is expected. No yield reductions occur once the plants have reached full maturity.

      R6 = full beans – green
      R7 = one pod fully mature – most beans yellow in colour.

      Green beans will reduce IP quality and could jeopordize premium. Beans will be slow to dry down and smaller than normal.

  2. Check this out
    Table 1. Corn Grain Yield Losses Following Plant Defoliation and Immediate Harvest at Three Stages of Kernel Development, Compared to Losses When Defoliated at Same Stages and Left in the Field to Mature

    Stages of kernel Harvested at
    development Defoliation Maturity
    % yield reduction
    Soft dough 51-58 34-36
    Fully dented 39-42 22-31
    Late dent 11-12 4-8
    Source: Afuakwa, J. J., and R. K Crookston. 1984 Using the
    kernel milk line to visually monitor grain maturity in maize
    Crop Sci. 24:687-691.
    check it out

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