Hot weather easing corn maturity concerns.

Summer arrived in September and it appears that much of the corn is going to make it or is it? A tour last week through Michigan and upper mid west US revealed that many fields are just barely starting to dent which is similar to what we are seeing in Ontario. In many plots only the early hybrids are dented and many hybrids still need 21 – 28 days to fully mature. You have probably done the calculation in your head and realized this is still October time frame. We will still need to mid October frost free to mature most of the Ontario corn. Also, realize that there will be fields that do not make it. The early planted fields are generally (if you planted within normal CHU range for your area) are going to mature as long as an abnormal frost event does not occur.
Late planted fields are an issue. If you planted late day hybrids in later half of May, black layer is going to be difficult to achieve within a normal frost date of the first week of October (but if we get the weather of 2005 when October was frost free, disregard my comments). But not all is lost as even if we get a frost as long as the corn matures to half milk line we can still achieve approx. 90% of the expected yield.
Check your fields – if they are fully dented – smile, if not be prepared for light test weight, wet corn at reduced yields.


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  1. Comment on US seed production. Last seed field was detasseled about 3 weeks ago (males still had to be removed) and the first field to be harvested with be this week My US counterparts have never seen detassling and harvest less than a month apart.

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