Have you scouted for soybean aphids?

Syngenta_AMS_ENG_RGBLevels of soybean aphid are on the rise in many areas of the province. It is important to get out into the field and scout. This is not a bug that is spray as soon as you see. Many beneficial insects are doing their job eating the aphids and spraying will just kill them as well. You need to be over the threshold of 250 aphids with populations rising before you spray. Check out Baute’s Bug Blog for more details.
Have you scouted? If so what is the aphid pressure in your soybeans


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  1. I agree … scouting is very important, don’t just assume. I had a grower this week who thought he had passed the threshold. What he thought were many aphids were actually the white skin casts that they had shed while growing. There were also quite a few black aphids that had either been killed by a fungal pathogen or parasitic wasp. The lady beetle larvae, syrphid larvae, and adult lady beetles were evident in the field, and keeping up with the aphids nicely. My recommendation was to monitor the field closely during the next few days in case the aphid population did explode and require spraying.

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