White mould in my soybeans, now what?

White mould soybeanWet weather, high humidity and what looks like a 60 bu/ac soybean crop. We have had a great year for the development of white mould in soybeans and we are really starting to see it now in the fields. Is there any options? Not really at this time. Soybeans flower over too long of period to get good chemical protection (protection like a condom not control). Also, the flowers are small for good chemical coverage and control has been an issue in the past. All white mould control measures for soybeans are managment practices, such as tolerant varieties (S19-90, S08-80) row width, planting population and rotation. None of these we can change now. Let me know if you have any options that might work. White Mold , Stem Rot – Sclerotinia sclerotiorum White Mould Test Results for the Ontario


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